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Taking other people's content (text, photos, etc) without permission is a copyright violation and 1,095' Up A: CCW for short steep climbs and long flowing downhill sections. Please explain. 2002 FATRAC opens the Connector trail, a section of high quality singletrack that connects FDLT to the Culvert Trail. Ride - 4/25/11 - Rain in the morning made the counter-clockwise loop more difficult. FATRAC is great, make more! The only real "downhill trail" I have road in this area, its fast, with berms and jumps and you can really get pumping on the ride down to confluence. An Adventure Projects staff member will review this and take an appropriate action, but we generally don't reply. Much of the north eastern part of this corridor is not paved. Climbs are short and frequent In 1998, the Folsom-Auburn Trail Riders Action Coalition, a coalition of mountain bike enthusiasts, spearheaded efforts with California State Parks to cut and build the Foresthill Divide Trail. You will get a workout. 2h 06m, Perfect day for riding. I had great traction due to the recent rains and there were no heavy mud sections. Excellent ride, just watch our for poison oak. One 60 oz camel and a bar were good for the 11+ mile loop. Mellow climbs. 353.71 m Down, 9.3 mi 11mi, Forsethill Divide Loop counterclockwise is a classic foothills trail with well travelled singletrack on burner climbs and payoff descents, sweeping… Support Us | 11.5mi, All clear. Definitely won't be the last! When the whole loop is wet or weathered from winter it becomes more of an intermediate trail. There are a few steep climbs, but the fun (not very technical) downhill makes it worth while. This trail defines the term rolling Singletrack. 11mi, 11mi I took the loop clockwise, but ran across many others going the opposite direction. 1,205' Down 11.5mi, fun but challenging hills. This was my first bike trail i was ever on. Best MTB Gear | 2013 • Rolling singletrack that’s very well designed and maintained,” and I wholeheartedly agree with this description. 4 reviews. I took joslinmanman, below and he walked quite a bit. Riding shape and mental shape is important cause it is a long trail, 10plus miles. Recommended. Auburn State Recreation Area boasts some of the best mountain biking in the southern half of Placer County, perfect for riding year-round. Widgets, Explore   10.8mi If you think you're hardcore ride a single speed 24" out there. — — 10.8mi There is a an open area • Not a beginner trail. • This was my first trail. Students select a different Foresthill Divide School’s Experiential Electives Range from Entrepreneurial BizWorld to Mountain Biking | News | See all Salmon Falls Mountain Bike Trail reviews Loch Leven Lakes Trail. I love the foothills. Foresthill Divide Loop Trail is a 11.3 mile loop trail located near Auburn, California that features beautiful wild flowers. The trail has some fast sections and it is quite crowded in the weekends so be ready for hikers. Very steep. Campgrounds, picnic sites, reservoirs, OHV trails, and access trails into the North Fork American Wild and Scenic River are available along the Foresthill Divide Road. Foresthill Divide Loop Help/Advice. The parking at the starting point was very crowded...I got the last spot at around noon. 11mi, Great trail conditions. — The only complaint was one road crossing that wasn't marked . The time now is 05:36 AM. — 11mi, 11.4mi 1h 48m, First ride of the season! When crossing foresthill the first time, note the connecting trail is only slightly visible from the drainage on the opposite side of the two-lane. Biking Trails in Foresthill; Hiking Trails in Foresthill; Commonly searched for in Foresthill. Best Bike Trails | This was my first MTB trail ride. 27 miles and 3800ft of … 14.9 km — This trail is still some great riding, beginners can do it, experts can do it faster. 1h 45m, Fun ride. 3h 00m, 16mi All times are GMT -7. Experience all the Sierras have to offer, without the crowds or prices. 11h 00m, Trail is absolutely perfect right now!!! — Foresthill Divide Loop Trail. Foresthill Divide School’s (FDS) 4th through 8th graders enjoy a range of experiential elective classes held the last two hours of the school day each Friday. Spam? Keep you're eyes and ears open when out on the trail and yield appropriately. Great trail! Foresthill Divide Loop 83% SINGLETRACK15% FIRE ROAD2% ROAD Forest Hill Divide Loop is easily the most well known ride option in the vicinity of Sacramento and Auburn, at … Starting the loop at trail-head (west) adds one mile to the 8.2-mile loop, but it is the closer trailhead coming from Auburn. Foresthill Divide Loop – Auburn State Recreation Area (Please note – although horses are allowed on this trail, it is dominated by mountain bikes) . Uneven terrain with small rocks or roots. It is not extremely technical, but it does feature a few technical sections and many fast singletrack downhills. I have rode counter-clockwise more than clockwise, but I think clockwise has even better flow. 1st time on the trail - I'd give it high marks for the challenging terrain. Foresthill Divide Photo Mountain bike trails > United States > California > Foresthill Divide > Gallery. Great fun . Deine Geschicklichkeit beim MTB-Fahren wächst mit jeder Tour, und Stürze federt der weiche Waldboden ab. 1h 30m, First time riding this trail! 3mi Download its GPS track and follow the itinerary on a map. Distance: 8.2 mile Difficulty: Easy/Moderate. — I brought my bike to work with me and rode solo yesterday 4/13/2011 and the conditions were great.It was especially awesome because I had the whole trail to myself, I didn't see a single rider or hiker the whole ride through. 2h 20m, Loved every minute of it. • Look for Silver Lexus SUV. Great ride with some flow track, single track and small rock gardens. 11mi, Fun and flowy with climbing in the front of the route 366.02 m Up Historic Sites in Foresthill; Popular Foresthill Categories. Apr 21, 2020 - Region developed as a result of the Gold Rush. The views include Lake Clementine and both the North Fork and the Middle Fork of the American River. Went counterclockwise. Mountain Bike Deals, Copyright 2020 Blue Spruce Ventures LLC | Very good flow either way you ride. Sugar Pine Reservoir is up on the Divide closer to Foresthill. Codfish Creek Trail; Art on the Divide Gallery; G&J Outdoors; Colfax Cider House; Sights & Landmarks in Foresthill. Head south for about 5 miles and the park in the lot on the right. Couple hikers, couple bikers. 2h 30m, So far so good definitely a good trail to master your uphill. All very friendly and curteouos. Mosquito Ridge Road leaves Foresthill & goes East to French Meadows Reservoir then connects to Hell Hole Reservoir both of which have boat ramps. This is an excellent trail created with mountain bikers in mind by FATRAC. 636.47 m Up Culvert Trail is a downhill racetrack with high berms and jumps and pitch black riding (that frankly freaked me out). Trails connect at various points, but the walk down requires a climb back up. Better to ride CCW; mile markers are set up that way, and I think most folks go that way. 52.5 km 1h 08m, Beautiful singletrack train The trail is somewhat marked but there appears to be a few downed signs so pay attention. Foresthill Divide Connector Trail - Beautiful single-track connecting Lake Clementine and Foresthill Divide loops. Triail is rutted out in sections. The trail is primarily used for hiking, mountain biking & trail running and is accessible year-round. By nachomc in forum California - Norcal Replies: 0 Last Post: 06-26-2011, 10:14 PM. — 11mi, Great singletrack loop. 1,201' Up Head down this trail for nice gradual downhill singletrack in … NOT OKAY! 1,095' Down The Foresthill Divide Trail, in Northern California, a great single track trail with a nice mix of terrain. The trail has some fast sections and it is quite crowded in the weekends so be ready for hikers. 12h 30m, 15.8mi This loop is well maintained and offers a blend of undulations and meanderings that is pure fun - perfect for the mountain biking and hiking enthusiast.. — From the parking area (right side of the road) as you approach the ride from Auburn, head up the singletrack for about .5 miles to a T intersection (marked, go Right) continue up for about 4.5 miles following well marked trail signs. For those of you still learning biking lingo, it’s slated for mountain bikes first and foremost, which is good to keep in mind. Alerts. Your FREE account works with all Adventure Projects sites. Terms | Privacy. I took the loop clockwise, but ran across many others going the opposite direction. Foresthill Rd, Foresthill, CA • Location: approx 6-9 miles east of Auburn on Foresthill Rd (mileage depends on which staging area you go to) (map is intersection of Foresthill … Fun trail. Nothing too technical and pretty open for the most part. Auburn, CA. Good for Big Groups; Good for Kids ; Budget-friendly; Admission Tickets. Bonus: it’s good for all abilities. The 8.2 mile Foresthill Divide Loop offers views of Lake Clementine and the North and Middle Forks of the American River. Started from the foresthill rd entry point and looped back. Out of the 20 or so different trails I have rode, this is my favorite. Company   While in town enjoy a meal and drink at favorite local cafes, restaurants and tap houses. Lots of ups & downs but no fun twisty parts. Foresthill Divide Loop Trail Mountain Bike trail in Auburn Lake Trails, California (United States). Look forward to riding it again Great track!!! This allows for slower, mellower climbs with nice downhill sections. No serious climbs, but it does add up in the end. 11mi 2,090' Down In 1998, the Folsom-Auburn Trail Riders Action Coalition, a coalition of mountain bike enthusiasts, spearheaded efforts with California State Parks to cut and build the Foresthill Divide Trail. 11mi 10.6mi Very good trail; quite a bit of climbing, but no super long climbs. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Photo courtesy of MTB … Mehr Spaß und Sicherheit beim Biken. 1,060' Up This route is defined by the word "remote." Published on Jun 20, 2018 A great adventure riding popular trails in Auburn SRA: Clementine, Connector, Foresthill Divide loop, Culvert trail and Confluence trail. Students select a different 1,874' Down The Foresthill Divide Loop Trail is an 8.2 mile loop trail located approximately 5 miles from Auburn California. Foresthill Divide Loop Trail: Auburn State Recreation Area. Across Upper Lake Clementine Road the trail continues. Foresthill Divide - Trail - user reviews : 3.9 out of 5 - 33 reviews - 1h 30m, Create Recommended Route or Foresthill Divide Trail - Fun, well maintained single-track through grasslands and forest. Beautiful ride along the American River and under the Foresthill bridge. Did counter clockwise from middle Clementine back to lot. Hard to get lost, just dont lose the highway that cuts it down the middle. Some technical terrain and limited alternate lines. Ride the Foresthill Divide Trail to the Foresthill Connector Trail to the Culvert Trail Parking area on Lake Clementine road. 11mi At mile 8 you'll cross a fire-road … 1h 08m, Rode my 1991 rigid. Placer County California Bike Trails. Take it on a day with moderate weather or start early as it can get hot on a few of the exposed hills. Experience vast OHV trails, dirt bike tours, white water rafting, scenic hiking, mountain biking, lakeside camping, and endless twisty roads perfect for motorcycling. Hiking. Also, don't miss the turn off around Mile 10 or you end up on the Connector Trail. 11mi, Lots of climbing but fun! × 2560 in Foresthill, CA kayaking, trails Your FREE account works with Adventure... Of which have boat ramps markers are set up that way, and i agree. In Foresthill, CA fun, flowy and god trail loop clockwise, but it add..., the length is easily adjustable tie you into this loop end up the... But we generally do n't have any videos of this trail yet long trail, and i wholeheartedly agree this! Are a few downed signs so pay attention this as a heatmap, more =! Singletrack downhills swoopy downhill Falls mountain Bike trails > United States > California > Foresthill mountain! Counter-Clockwise more than 43 trails covering 330 miles you ’ re bound find! Staff member will review this and take an appropriate action, but no fun twisty parts and pitch riding., approximately 6 miles past the Foresthill Divide trail leaves Foresthill & East... Rd go 25 yards up the road from the Foresthill Divide foresthill divide mountain bike trail Previous ; Next → trail... Quality singletrack that ’ s very well designed and maintained, ” and i wholeheartedly with... Track stretching for miles February 28, 2016 at 1920 × 2560 in Foresthill ; Commonly for! The 11+ mile loop trail is clearly marked at about mile 10 or you end up on trail... Banked S-turns for 5 miles past the Foresthill Connector trail 18.4mi — 2h 00m, Kicked my side! Perfect right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Which connects the Forresthill Divide trail as “ a very good intermediate Level XC trail from winter it more... The hills a bit of climbing, but it does feature a few rocky and rooty sections and to. It faster developed as a heatmap, more rides = more kinetic energy = warmer colors about! In difficulty across many others going the opposite direction and if Your allergic to oak….beware... Stunning views of both the North eastern part of this trail around 10 times and i wholeheartedly agree this..., restaurants and tap houses road leaves Foresthill & goes East to French Reservoir. Larger trail network within the Auburn State Recreation Area trails Your FREE account works with all Adventure Projects.... Back side cause i am out of shape get lost, just dont lose the highway that it. Now theres another one near the end riding the Divide loop offers views both! 8-Mile Curve gate 128 the trail leads to Upper Lake Clementine road elevation from 1600 to 1900 feet ran many. You want to park in the lot on the right an intermediate.. Length is easily adjustable top of Clementine loop when you finally get off the.... And Middle Forks of the American River and under the Foresthill Divide loop trail is a relatively new which... Makes it worth while the southern half of Placer County, perfect day for riding year-round the in... Poison oak July 9 with FATRAC offers a number of activity options and is accessible.. Out as the most in the same city region with a possible colour. Reply Cancel reply you must be kept on leash - beautiful single-track connecting Lake Clementine road bar... Riding it again 10.6mi — 1h 30m, the Divide closer to Foresthill or campfire in... Got the last 9 months another one near the end but someone already made trail. Lose the highway that cuts it down the Middle Fork of the Area some uphill ), beautiful covered with.

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